Building the banking platform of the future

In this podcast of Fintech Insider, CEO of Sustainably – Loral Quinn and Head of Channel and Digital of CYBG – Scott Liddell, take a look at the biggest news in the fintech sector.

The panel starts by talking about building the banking platform of the future with Foundry, who recently received further investments of Norway’s largest financial services group, following up on their commitment to build new services on the platform.

Afterwards, the panel takes a look at the most recent move of the financial conduct Authority, that no longer allows banks and building societies to charge fixed monthly or daily fees for overdraft. Aside from that, there will also no longer higher fees for unplanned overdrafts in comparison to arranged ones.

Aside from this, a large variety of interesting topics will be covered.

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Source: 331. News: With great data comes great responsibility -

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Author: Kevin Houtop

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