Modern life & economic vitality

In this podcast from Fintech Insider, Co-Head of City Ventures’ internal growth program D10X – Alex Sion, talks about what the company exactly does, how a company of this size innovates, how you generate relevant ideas on a global scale and much more.

The program D10X (Discover 10 X) has been active for about 4 years and the consumer side surrounds two macro themes that the ideas are generated around, which are modern life and economic vitality.

Alex Sion believes that the banking system is really designed for more traditional families and thinks that anyone outside of that image has to hack around finances to make banking work for them.

Modern life is really about illuminating the need for non-traditional families to have to hack finances in order to make banking work for them.

Listen to this an much more in the podcast below.

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Source: Fintech Insider USA: Alex Sion, Citi Ventures (S1E6)

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Author: Kevin Houtop

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