The Visa Crypto Card

The Spanish fintech startup 2gether has launched a visa prepaid card. Although this isn't nessecarily huge news, the card is slightly different than the usual prepaid card since it allows you to spend your crypto currencies.

The company created this solution as an answer to the problem that purchasing products with cryptocurrencies is a long and difficult process involving exchanges, personal keys and above all lots of waiting.

The company allows you to hold both Euro's and cryptocurrencies in the same application and you can pay in Euro's instantly, automatically converting one of the 7 offered currencies while making a payment. The currencies that are offered in the app besides the Euro are: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple's XRP, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar's XLM and Litecoin.


Source: 2gether adds crypto to pre-paid Visa card - / Madrid-based fintech startup 2gether launches prepaid Visa card that lets you spend 7 cryptos - / Banking Startup Launching Visa Card That Lets You Spend 7 Cryptos -

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Author: Kevin Houtop

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